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COVID-19 Survey: Experiences of End-of-Life Care

COVID-19 Survey: Experiences of End-of-Life Care


The Palliative Care Institute Liverpool is inviting people to consider taking part in an open, online survey. This survey will ask people to provide information on your experiences of end-of-life-care during the COVID-19 crisis.

This study is being conducted by the Palliative Care Institute Liverpool at the University of Liverpool and in collaboration with the University of Sheffield.

They have developed an online questionnaire to enable people to share their experiences of end-of-life care provision during the COVID-19 crisis, to help plan for and manage situations like this in the future.

Who can take part?

They would like to hear from anyone who has experienced the death of a relative or friend, and any health and social care professionals who have cared for a patient who died during the COVID-19 crisis. The person who died may or may not have been infected with COVID-19.

Click here to access the survey