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Support Around Death

This NHS Education for Scotland website aims to support healthcare staff who are working with patients, carers and families before, at, and after death. It provides key information on the clinical, legislative, and practical issues involved.


The Support Around Death website's bereavement pages offer professionals guidance on dealing with the care of those who are bereaved.

This includes practical guidance e.g. what to expect after a sudden or unexplained death, as well as guidance on communication skills, e.g. with children who have recently been bereaved or with parents after the death of a baby. 

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This website also provides links to education and training opportunities for professionals. 

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Transcripts of the videos below are available on this website. If you have any difficulty in locating these please contact us

Please note that all the videos on this website deal with issues of death and bereavement and were created for healthcare professionals: caution is advised for viewers who are not healthcare professionals as some may find the themes upsetting.

Educational films for health and social care professionals

Discussing Authorised (Hospital) Post Mortem Examination After Stillbirth or Neonatal Death

A post mortem examination may provide parents with valuable information about why their baby died. Before discussing this with families, it is important that professionals are informed and comfortable with the process. This video will support professionals in facilitating such discussions.

Dealing with unsuccessful neonatal resuscitation

Whilst most neonatal resuscitations are successful, sometimes babies are born too sick to survive. This video offers a communication guide for all staff who may deal with this situation or care for families after a neonatal death.

Discussing dying

Discussing dying is something most of us shy away from. The potential discomfort is not just in the patient’s mind - it’s also likely to be in the minds of the professionals who are looking after them. This video will help healthcare professionals discuss dying openly and honestly with their patients.

Understanding the processes following a sudden or unexplained death

The management of a sudden or unexplained death can be challenging for professionals. The responses required may be complex, and come at an extremely difficult time for those who are bereaved. This video aims to enhance professionals’ understanding of these processes.

Discussing Adult Authorised (Hospital) Post Mortem Examination

Discussing post mortem examination with those who have recently been bereaved can be daunting and challenging. This video will be of relevance to all professionals who are involved in situations where a post mortem examination is being considered, discussed or undertaken.

Talking to children who are bereaved

Talking to children when they are about to be bereaved or have just experienced a death may feel daunting. This video aims to enable professionals to facilitate such discussions through an enhanced understanding from the perspective of children who have been bereaved.

Do you work with people at the end of life or with those who are bereaved?

If yes, please visit the Support Around Death community of practice. This online forum enables professionals in Scotland to network, share information and learning on end of life and bereavement care.

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