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Making the Best of Hard Times

SPPC Annual Conference



Annual Conference 2017

Wednesday 20th September 2017, Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh

The conference will provide:

-  an opportunity for learning relevant to practice and workplace

-  a chance to network, to share information and good practice

-  challenging perspectives and energising inspiration


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This year's conference will feature...

Death and dying at the frontiers of medical possibility

Nazir Lone, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Critical Care, University of Edinburgh, Consultant in Critical Care, NHS Lothian

Advances in medicine have created new possibilities for extending life. These advances have also created new challenges of communication and a need for rapid and tough decisions about what is right as well as what is possible. Nazir will share his experiences, perspectives and recent research findings.

Speaking Up or Acting Out? On Advocacy, Marginalisation and Ethical Practice

Deborah Bowman, Professor of Medical Ethics and Law, St Georges University of London

What does it mean to be socially engaged as a health or social care professional? Is there a tension between the personal and professional? Drawing on the arts and focusing on practical examples, Deborah Bowman explores the relationship between advocacy, marginalisation and the ethical professional. She considers the ways in which individuals might navigate the complex political and social landscape in which they work and live.

Better Outcomes and Lower Costs?

Jo Bowden, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, NHS Fife, Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Jo will discuss findings from the recent evaluation of the Fife model of Proactive Best Supportive Care for people with lung cancer. How have outcomes for this group been improved? What has the health economic impact of early intervention been? What lessons might be drawn for people with other conditions?

How is it for you? Exploring Realities and Practicalities Where Integration Meets Palliative Care

Diana Hekerem, Head of Strategic Commissioning Support at Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Using digital polling Diana will lead delegates in a collective iterative exploration of how integration and the strategic commissioning of palliative care is being experienced across Scotland. Diana will also offer insights on how commissioning might best evolve in future to meet the needs of people nearing the end of life.

Sharing Knowledge, Sharing the Load

Dr Jeremy Keen, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Highland Hospice

Jeremy will explore how specialists in palliative care can build partnerships and share experience and expertise with non-specialist colleagues dispersed across the health and social care system. The presentation will draw on Highland’s recent experiences of the innovative Project ECHO approach. What difference might this sort of approach make for people needing care, what are the challenges and what is the potential?

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