The term ‘interested person’ refers to:

  • Any relative of the deceased

  • Any person present at death

  • The deceased’s executor or other legal representative

  • Any other person having knowledge of the particulars to be registered (if there is no-one in the first four categories)

  • Healthcare professionals or carers involved with the deceased

  • Funeral Directors

  • A person having charge of the place of disposal of the body.

An interested person review exists to provide a further measure of public and professional reassurance, over and above the randomised review selection process.

Such reviews:

  • Cannot be conducted where the death pre-dated the implementation of the 2011 Act (or where the death has been referred to the Procurator Fiscal)

  • Must be requested within three years of the date of death

  • Can only be conducted if a review has not already taken place.

Requests for an interested person review are expected to be a rare occurrence and should be raised by the interested person directly with the MR Service, rather than via the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

A downloadable digital leaflet from the DCRS, providing guidance on Interested Person review, is available at this link.

Targeted review

A targeted review may be conducted in response to any identified pattern that raises concern.

Both interested person and targeted reviews can be a trigger for a Level 2 Review.