NHS Scotland has a national resuscitation planning policy for children and young people (under 16 years), and a children and young people acute deterioration management (CYPADM) form.


In such situations it is important to: 

  • Consider what is in the child’s best interests on the basis of an assessment of the benefits, burdens and risks for the child

  • Ensure that parents and carers views are sought and respected whenever possible (a fact sheet for families is provided as part of the policy document

  • Recognise that the decision rests with the senior attending consultant who should be involved in the process and sign the form

  • Record decisions taken, what information was shared and with whom in the case records

  • Presume in the absence of any documentation that full resuscitation will be provided but clinicians should only provide treatments they believe to be in the best interest of the child or young person

  • Consider the need for review of the decision. Where the decision is changed the old form should be scored through with ‘cancelled’ written across it, signed and dated.

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Supporting Families around the Resuscitation of a Baby or Child

The sudden and unexpected deterioration of a child is an unimaginable situation for families. This video aims to help prepare healthcare professionals to support and communicate with parents, which is an essential part of caring for a whole family at this difficult time. Please note that this video is designed to act as a guide to communication and the depictions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation used within it should not be considered instructional.

transcript of the video can be found here.