Working with people around the time of death and with those who are bereaved can be demanding. This can be the case for staff across health, social care and other agencies. It is important to ensure that you look after yourself and are aware of any impact to your own wellbeing.

Keeping well 

Trying to maintain and optimise your physical and mental health can be beneficial. This might include:

  • Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet and by limiting your alcohol intake
  • Ensuring that you have the opportunity to take regular breaks at work
  • Protecting your time away from work during non-working days and annual leave
  • Attending to your emotional and spiritual needs
  • Recognising and acting on the early warning signs of possible stress, ‘burn-out’ or mental health difficulties


Sources of help

It is important to seek help if you are experiencing any difficulties which relate to your health and wellbeing, whether it be related to grief and bereavement or not. There are many sources of help and information which can be accessed independently or in conjunction with contact from specialist Occupation Health staff support services.


Additional information

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